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15 Januari 2013 / Dibaca 3374 kali

Vision and Mission


In line with job description, function and considering backgrounds and the outlook of present  phenomena, the vision of CSET BPKP is as follows:
Becoming the prime Education and Training Institute in the field of Auditing.
CSET BPKP so far has tried to execute its duties as good as possible, including concept preparation and  planning of Auditor education and Training for all the APIP from headquarters  to the rural areas.
Auditor education and training  which were held already have given benefit  and added value to the smooth execution of development and  the execution of general government duties and the mentoring of governmental organizations.



The above mentioned realization of the vision clearly is a challenge which have to faced by all CSET BPKP staff.  As a clear embodiment of this vision, two CSET BPKP missions have been created that illustrates the abstract things in  the vision that have to be executed in to reveal a more realistic perspective.
Create Professional Auditors
Improve Management,  Education and Training resources


This mission beholds the realization of a glorious wish from all the layers in the CSET BPKP in the framework of:


  1. Anticipate and respond to every fast environmental change so that there is a contribution to the creation of  professional auditing  human resources.
  2. Give added value to the management of  auditor education and training.
  3. Be pro active  in the creation of effective  education and training systems in cooperation with other relevant auditing organizations..
  4. Anticipate and respond to any changes in the environment that occur so quickly, to remain able to contribute towards the creation of human resources professional surveillance;
  5. Provide more value on education management and supervisory training;Participate for the creation of education and training system through effective monitoring together with other relevant supervisory agencies.


Pusdiklatwas BPKP
Jl. Beringin II, Pandansari, Ciawi, Bogor 16720
Telp. (0251) 8249 001 - 8249 003 (Sentral)
Fax. (0251) 8248 986 - 8248 987
Email: pusdiklatwas@bpkp.go.id

Bidang Penyelenggaraan Diklat Fungsional Auditor
Telp/Fax: (0251) 824 8473
Email: pusdiklatwas.p3jfa@bpkp.go.id

Bidang Penyelenggaraan Diklat Teknis Substansi dan Kedinasan
Telp/Fax: (0251) (0251) 8249 004
Email: pusdiklatwas.p3kt@bpkp.go.id