Welcome to The Center for Supervisory Education and Training ( CSET) Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP)
In line with the enthusiasm to reform the government into  a clean and accountable government, the need for quality and competent  human resources in the field of auditing is highly needed. CSET BPKP as one of the working unit of the BPKP that moves in the field of Human Resources development, possesses  a strategic position to realize this need. This position is integrated in the mission “ Becoming the Prime Auditing Agency”.
In the framework of developing quality human resources, especially in the environment/field of APIP, CSET already has and will continue to develop several kinds of trainings according the need and according the knowledge development. This will be done by organizing workshops for functional auditors, technical workshops for auditors, substantial technical workshops for other staff, and organizational workshops which are supported by a proper infrastructure and smart human resources in the field of education and training.